Keynote Speakers
  • Mr. Wu Kun

    Mr. Wu Kun

    Deputy Office Director, Medical Device Technical Review Center, State Food and Drug Administration

    Keynote: The current regulatory approval process on innovative medtech and reform

    Senior Engineer, member of Clinical Testing Professional Group of Medical Device Technical Committee of SFDA, member of Medical Equipment Technology Committee of National Technical Committee for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Electrical Equipment Safety Standardization (SAC/TC 338/SC1). From July 2004 to May 2017, he served as a reviewer of Office 3, Department 6 of Medical Device Technical Review Center of SFDA. His main responsibility is technical review of in vitro diagnostic equipment and in vitro diagnostic reagents. He fully participated in the new version of "Medical Device Registration Management Approach", "In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents Registration Management Approach" and other medical equipment regulatory supporting regulations, normative documents.

  • Mr. Wang Haijiao

    Mr. Wang Haijiao

    Executive Partner, GTJA

    Keynote: The opportunity for medtech innovation from the investment perspective

    Master of Biology, Fudan University, MBA. In 2016, he won the "annual cutting-edge charm leaders" of China Venture Capital Research Institute. In 2017 he won the "annual cutting-edge venture capitalists" of China Venture Capital Golden Eagle Award. He was the assistant to the general manager of Bo Yang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and the investment director of Suzhou Longyue Venture Capital. He has over 10 years of experience in start-up, enterprise management and investment in the medical industry. The cumulative investment amount is nearly 6 billion RMB. His Investment cases including: Danxia Biopharmaceutical, Bioscience, Annoroad, VivaChek, HUAYIN Health, SinoMdgene, Harmony, LBP Medicine Science and Technology

  • Mr. Qian Jianzhong

    Mr. Qian Jianzhong

    Founder, EDDA Technology

    Keynote: Artifical intelligence can improve precision medicine

    Academician of American Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering. Senior member of IEEE, member of Medical Imaging New Technology Review Committee of NCI, NIH. member of California Breast Cancer Research Technology Review Board. His main research and development and innovation work focuses on computer technology, pattern recognition, target automatic detection, location, quantification, and uncertainty reasoning and its application in the "intelligent medical diagnostic imaging system". In early 2003, he started EDDA Technology company, and served as the company's chairman and general manager. He led the development of IQQA dual intelligent medical imaging diagnostic analysis system products. Dr. Qian has been engaged in the development and application of computer technology in medical applications, and he is a pioneer in the field of intelligent medical diagnostic imaging and analysis. He was a special researcher at the Siemens American Research Center and was awarded the Siemens Global Inventor Award. He is also an expert at the National Institutes of Health / National Cancer Center Fund Review Board. He has published more than 70 papers, including 12 invited papers. He is the inventor of more than 50 patents, and most of which have been developed into products that have been successfully used in hospitals for many years. In 2009, he was elected to the American Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering. The American Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering is the highest academic honor in the field of medical and bioengineering in the United States.

  • Mr. Guo Ping

    Mr. Guo Ping

    General Manager, Suzhou Callisyn Biotechnology Co., Ltd

    Keynote: From pharmaceutical to medical device: Industry shift

    Master of Technical Economy and Management, Tongji University. He has chemical engineering and management education background, Chinese Certified Public Accountant Certificate (CPA). He has nearly 20 years of work experience in chemical, pharmaceutical, health industry. He served as R & D engineers, project director, deputy general manager, general manager and other senior positions. He led the team to complete five projects with 250 million RMB in investment, management and industrialization work. He has rich experience in project management and business management.

  • Mr. Gu

    Mr. Gu


  • Mr. Yang Hongfei

    Mr. Yang Hongfei

    Founder, CEO, Hangzhou Firestone Technology Co., Ltd.

    Keynote: Follow the wave — Medical robot market analysis

    As a serial entrepreneur and investor, Yang is also the designer of HSMAP, an innovation and entrepreneurship map of global medicine and healthcare. Based on automatic collection, machine learning, scene modeling and intelligent analysis of global medicine and healthcare data, HSMAP successfully created commercialized and service-oriented products and applied them into various fields of innovation and entrepreneurship medicine and healthcare industry. In addition, Yang was also acted as the project leader of several National HighTechnology Research and Development Programs (""863""Program) of China, and industry programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission.

  • Prof. Sun Lining

    Prof. Sun Lining

    Director, Suzhou University School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Professor, Changjiang S

    Keynote: The innovation and industrialization on medical robots

    Doctor of Engineering, professor, PhD Tutor, 863 Expert, National Outstanding Youth Fund winner, Professor of Changjiang Scholar of Ministry of Education. He is currently the deputy director of the National Key Laboratory of Robotics Technology Integration, the present of the Electromechanical Institute of Suzhou University, the director of the Robotics and Microsystems Center of Suzhou University, the director of Advanced Robot Technology Key Laboratory of Jiangsu Province, the present of Suzhou Synergistic Medical Robot Research Institute, founder and chief scientist of Jiangsu Huibo Robot Co., Ltd. He is the expert of robot technology of national " Ten Five-Year " 863 plan, group leader of MEMS major project of the national "Ten Five-Year " 863 plan, expert of advanced manufacturing technology expert group of the national "Eleventh Five-Year" 863 plan, expert of robot expert team of national science and technology department. He mainly engages in nano-micro-drive and micro-operation of the robot, high-speed high-precision Mechanical structures, industrial robot technology, parallel robots, medical robots, micro-robot, bionics arm and robot structure and control research work.

  • Mr. Zhang Xiangcheng

    Mr. Zhang Xiangcheng

    Researcher, Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology and Nano Bionic , Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Keynote: The clinical application research and prospect for biomedical materials

    Industry academician of Cambridge University Royal Society, academician of the Royal Society of Nano, Senior physicist of School of Materials and Physics. He got Ph.D. from University of Cranfield and Postdoctoral in Cambridge University. He worked for 10 years at Abbott UK. He was the Chief Scientist and Director of R & D Center in Abbott UK. He was awarded the CEO award of the Year 2000 and the Vice President award of 2004 of Abbott UK. In 2009, he was selected the first batch of the Ministry of the Ministry of "thousand people plan". He is the expert and consultant of the British National Ministry of Industry and Technology, evaluation expert of the EU science and technology FP7 major project. He has published 13 patents inrecent years.

  • Mr. Wang Lanming

    Mr. Wang Lanming

    Commissioner, SFDA

    Keynote: Update of regulatory approve reform on medical device

    Commissioner and researcher of Medical Device Registration Division of SFDA, Master of Pharmacy of Peking University, Master of Public Administration of Peking University. He engaged in teaching, research and management in higher institutions, scientific research institutions and management departments. He served as the Director of the Department of Medical Devices Supervision of SFDA the Director of Department of medical equipment registration and management of SFDA.

  • Ms. Dong Saying

    Ms. Dong Saying

    General Manager, LEPU MEDICAL Chairman, LEPU GENE

    Keynote: The innovation development from the local medtech companies and "One Belt One Road" strategy

    Doctor, Researcher, PhD Tutor. She served as project manager of R & D department, manager of engineering department, deputy director of technology, director of marketing in Lepu Medical Devices (Beijing) Co., Ltd. She served as Deputy General Manager of Shaanxi Qinming Medical Science Instrument Company Limited. She served as Executive vice president of Lepu Medical Devices (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

  • Mr. Wang Feng

    Mr. Wang Feng

    Associate professor, Executive vice president of Institute of BioMedical Devices (Suzhou), Southeast

    Keynote: The integration and collaboration of research, development and industry

    PhD of French Rennes First University, Associate Professor, School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Southeast University, Member of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, China Electronics Society, vice chairman of Jiangsu Province biomedical engineering society medical signal detection and treatment of professional committee. His main research direction includes biomedical sensing technology, biomedical signal analysis, medical imaging technology and artificial intelligence. He is now mainly engaged in the field of medical and health cooperation and research results transformation innovation. He has organized a number of industrialization of technical achievements.

Panellist Speakers
  • Ms. Guan Yan

    Ms. Guan Yan

    Doctor of Health Communication, Secretary of China Medical Device Industry Association Smart and Mob

    Panel: The perspective of the clinical benefit from Alpha Doctor

    She has worked in clinical practice for many years and has been working on medical service management at International SOS. She served as director in Sofun Holding Research Group and the medical-related investment institutions. She leads the team for industry data modeling and analysis and provides investment and decision-making recommendations for Standard Chartered Bank, Vanke, Wanda and other well-known enterprises and financial institutions. Then she served as Deputy Secretary of the China Medical Device Industry Association. The main work is industry data management and result transformation of medical equipment. She is the entrepreneurial mentor of Jiangsu Province, review expert of Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou High-tech Zone, Zhangjiang medical Park.

  • Mr. Chen Shengdi

    Mr. Chen Shengdi

    Professor, PhD Tutor, Department of Neurology and Geriatrics, Department Director, Institute Directo

    Panel: The perspective of the clinical benefit from Alpha Doctor

    Member of the International Committee of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders, member of the International Neurology Alliance Committee on Parkinson 's Disease and Related Diseases. He is the chief editor of the International "Translational Neurodegeneration", deputy editor of "Journal of Alzheimer’s disease", member of "Neurobiology of Aging", "Alzheimer & Dementia" and other seven magazines’ editorial board, as well as the deputy editor of " Chinese Journal of Neurology "and other five domestic magazines. He is awarded country young experts with outstanding contribution and enjoys special government allowances of the State Council.

  • Mr. Chen Hui

    Mr. Chen Hui

    Founder, CEO , QED Technique

    Panel: The perspective of the clinical benefit from Alpha Doctor

    He has worked in business intelligence (BI), data analysis and enterprise IT operation and management. Prior to serving as CEO of QED Technique, he worked for multinationals such as HP, IBM, Lenovo. He focuses on management and promotion of cloud computing, big data and other industries applications and products. He has accumulated a wealth of practical experience and industry insight in enterprise strategy, product innovation and business management. He set up the first domestic self-help travel site walkchina. In 2006, he founded QED Technique and focused on intelligent analysis of medical image data.

  • Mr. Liao Huanhua

    Mr. Liao Huanhua

    Co-founder, Suzhou Orthogonal Medical Imaging Technology Co., Ltd

    Panel: The perspective of the clinical benefit from Alpha Doctor

    Co-founder of Suzhou Orthogonal Medical Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. expert of big data and artificial intelligence. He was T4 technical expert, big data platform technical director in Tencent. He has more than 19 years of R & D management experience in Huawei, China Mobile, Tencent and other world-class enterprises.

  • Mr. Wang Bingqiang

    Mr. Wang Bingqiang

    Cooperation director of consumer BG Strategy Department, Huawei

    Panel: The perspective of the clinical benefit from Alpha Doctor

    Cooperation director of consumer BG Strategy and Marketing department of Huawei. He is responsible for strategic planning, eco-cooperation and new technology investment in the field of sports health.

  • Mr. Charles Yang

    Mr. Charles Yang

    Founding Partner, TriRiver Captial

    Panel: The best practice of clinical and engineering collaboration in the biomedical material field

    Founding partner of TriRiver Capital, Co-founder of Medtrum. He was the vice president, international banker of Merrill Lynch New York headquarters. Mr. Yang has 14 years of experience in biomedical industry investment and financing in China and the United States, as well as 13 years of medical, chemical entrepreneurial experience. In the past eight years, he provided business counseling and investment and financing advisory services to more than 100 biomedical industry entrepreneurs. He led the investment of eleven biomedical enterprises in the past three years. Mr. Yang is the review expert of the National Science and Technology Department of Science and Technology Program. He is the review expert of serveral local government biomedical projects in Yangtze River Delta. Mr. Yang is a CPA, CFA.

  • Mr. Dong Yonghua

    Mr. Dong Yonghua

    Co-founder , CEO, Golden Leaf MedTec Co., Ltd

    Panel: The best practice of clinical and engineering collaboration in the biomedical material field

    Dr. Yonghua Dong is the co-founder and CEO of Golden Leaf MedTec Co., Ltd. From 2000-2013, he was a senior researcher and director of research at The Cleveland Clinic, mainly engaged in the study of vascular interventional radiology and interventional neuroradiology, the development and clinical evaluation of intravascular devices. Dr. Dong was a post-doc fellow and research associate in the Department of Radiology at the Cleveland Clinical Center from 1995 to 2000. Previously, Dr. Dong worked in Radiology department as attending physician in shanghai Zhongshan Hospital and Residency Doctor in Zhenjiang Jinhua Hospital. Dr. Dong holds a master’s degree in medicine in interventional radiology treatment and a Ph.D. in interventional liver cancer treatment from Medical School of Fudan University.

  • Mr. Wang Jing

    Mr. Wang Jing

    Assistant director, Associate researcher

    Panel: The best practice of clinical and engineering collaboration in the biomedical material field

    Associate researcher of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Assistant director of the National Institute of Materials Manufacturing, Deputy chief engineer and director of technology promotion department of Xi'an Materials Manufacturing National Research Institute Limited, Secretary of National Materials Manufacturing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Expert of Shanxi Cardiopulmonary Circulation Committee, Member of China Medical Biotechnology Association 3D Printing Branch, Member of National Committee for Materials Manufacturing Standard, Deputy Secretary of China Medical Device Association 3D Printing Expert Committee.

  • Prof. Li Xinsong

    Prof. Li Xinsong

    Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Southeast University

    Panel: The best practice of clinical and engineering collaboration in the biomedical material field

    Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Southeast University, review expert of national, provincial, city and many other government fund, Biomaterials, Journal of Biomaterials Science, Journal of Membrane Science. He graduated from Nankai University in 1992, received a doctorate in polymer chemistry and physics. The he started postdoctoral research in Peking University School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering. In 2001, he founded the Laboratory of Biomaterials and Drugs Release in Southeast University. In 2007, He started therapy research in Harvard University School of Medicine (Huaying scholar). Research Interests: Hydrogel Biomaterials, Nanofiber Biomaterials, Biological Scaffolds and Tissue Engineering, Nano Drugs.

  • Mr. Wang Xiaotian

    Mr. Wang Xiaotian

    Deputy Chief Physician, Anhui Provincial Hospital

    Panel: The best practice of clinical and engineering collaboration in the biomedical material field

    Graduated from Anhui Medical University, Clinical expert in Vascular surgery, Member of Vascular Surgery of Surgical Branch of Anhui Medical Association. Professional direction: vascular surgery. Technical expertise: vascular surgery diagnosis and treatment. He has received a number of provincial scientific and technological progress awards, and published "disease minimally invasive treatment of 32 cases", "atherosclerotic occlusion Intraventricular interventional treatment effect " and many other works.

  • Mr. Huang Feipeng

    Mr. Huang Feipeng

    President, Youshi Medical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

    Panel: The best practice of clinical and engineering collaboration in the biomedical material field

    Mr. Huang, Feipeng(Felix), Bachelor's degree of Clinical Medicine, EMBA of CEIBS. Mr. Huang has been working for 18 years in orthopedics clinic and orthopedics industry. He was an orthopedics surgeon for 3 years and started his orthopedics medical career at Depuy department of J&J Medical (China) Co., Ltd in 2002. Mr. Huang joined Kanghui Medical as National Sales Director in 2006, and as Deputy GM for Kanghui brand of Medtronic Kanghui Orthopedics Group after Medtronic acquired Kanhui Medical in 2012. Mr. Huang founded Youshi Medical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd in June 2016 and worked as General Manager.

  • Mr. Cheng Lifei

    Mr. Cheng Lifei

    Vice President, Medtronic Greater China

    Panel: Localised innovation strategy from multinational companies

    Graduated from Tsinghua University, bachelor degree in chemical engineering and business administration, vice president of Greater China, Medtronic. He is responsible for development of the company's strategic plan to accelerate the business growth and globalization of Medtronic. He seeks, evaluates and performs corporate mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and cooperation with the enterprise. In addition, he hatched the innovative business model to develop new market and build new business. From 2009 to 2012, he set up and lead China business development department in Merck. He is responsible for finding, evaluating, implementing investment and cooperation projects, including joint ventures and acquisitions, as well as product licensing and business cooperation. He joined Merck in the United States in 2003 and is responsible for the investment analysis and management of Merck's R & D products. Mr. Cheng is a Master of Business Administration degree in Wharton Business School. He received his Ph.D. in engineering and economics from Carnegie Mellon University

  • Mr. Zhou Dao

    Mr. Zhou Dao

    Chief Engineer of Philips Ultrasound Shanghai Co., Ltd.

    Panel: Localised innovation strategy from multinational companies

    Graduated from Institute of Acoustics, Nanjing University. He has two SCI papers and three patents. From 2009 to 2014, he served as senior engineer in General Electric Wuxi and he developed four leading international products and successfully to market. From 2014 to 2015, he served as R & D director in Rena Group. He gets five patents. Since 2015, as the chief engineer, project manager in Philips Ultrasound Shanghai Co., Ltd., he sucessfully developed an international leading product, which changes the liver cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  • Pavel Kubalec

    Pavel Kubalec

    R&D Chief of Suzhou Roche Diagnostic

    Panel: Localised innovation strategy from multinational companies

    Pavel holds a PhD in analytical chemistry from Technical University Bratislava, Slovakia. He joined Roche Diagnostics, Germany in 2001 as a Management Trainee with a strong focus on mass spectrometry projects. Since 2006 he has been engaged in developments of immunological reagents for IVD assays in different roles with increasing responsibility. As head of the department Protein Chemistry, he has been leading the development of protein reagents for numerous diagnostic platforms of Roche Diagnostics. This included also the implementation of novel conjugation technologies into manufacturing processes. Effective from Aug-2017, Pavel is in charge for build up of a new R&D center of Roche Diagnostic in Suzhou.

  • Mr. Xu Gangfeng

    Mr. Xu Gangfeng

    Vice President, China Business Development, Abbott

    Panel: Localised innovation strategy from multinational companies

    He received a bachelor's degree in biology from Fudan University in China and a master's degree in business administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He received a Ph.D. in human genetics from the University of Utah. After that, he completed the postdoctoral research in Harvard University School of Medicine and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He is a leader in the healthcare industry with more than 20 years of experience. He is responsible for all aspects of business development in China in Abbott, including medical equipment, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and nutrition, and cooperation, investment and mergers with domestic and international companies.

  • Mr. Zhang Cheng

    Mr. Zhang Cheng

    Director of R&D, Boston Scientific

    Panel: Localised innovation strategy from multinational companies

    Zhang Cheng, director of R&D Boston Scientific. He has been leading Boston scientific R&D team in China since 2010. He first joined Boston Scientific in 1998 and has served in different aspect of R&D and manufacturing since. He has a master of Electronic Engineering and two bachelor degrees from Case Western Reserve University.

Roadshow Moderators
  • Dr. Zhang Xu

    Dr. Zhang Xu

    Chairman, Guoqian Institute of Medical Innovation

    Graduated from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden with a Ph.D. in medicine, Researcher at the Buruham Institute, Biopharmaceutical expert, Expert of National thousands of people plans. He has worked as an executive in Yaneng Biotech (Shenzhen) and Hybribio Biotech (Hong Kong). In 2010,he founded Jiangsu Bioperfectus Technologies Co., Ltd. and served as chairman. With other five experts of thousands of people plans and Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Zhang founded Guoqian Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Guoqian Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., and served as chairman. He founded Guoqian Medical VC and focusing on early venture investment in the fields of medical devices and diagnostic reagents.

  • Mr. Wang Chen

    Mr. Wang Chen

    Partner, Prosperico Venture

    Mr. Wang is responsible for equity investment in medical devices and medical services. He has more than 20 years of experience in a number of areas of medical industry, especially in precision medicine, medical diagnostics and medical devices. He has a profound understanding and judgment with the development trend in these areas. Prior to joining Prosperico Venture, Mr. Wang served as Vice President of Bioventure and was responsible for equity investment in medical equipment and intelligent medical. He had led equity investment to Kingstron Bio (Heart Labor Valves), PercuTek (Large blood vessel stent grafts), POCTech (real-time continuous blood glucose monitoring) and Lenomed (intelligent insulin pump).

  • Mr. Tang Haofu

    Mr. Tang Haofu

    Management partner, Shanghai Creation Investment

    Mr. Tang has many years of experience in fund management and corporate financial consulting at Wall Street. He received a bachelor's degree in economics from Xiamen University, a master's degree in computer science from the University of Bridgeport, and a master's degree in finance from Columbia University. He is the founder and management partner of Creation Global Advanced Technology Fund. He has invested more than 30 enterprises, including 5 listed companies, 7 declared. He has successfully tutored more than 40 corporates in finance, listing, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization and other business. with more than 5 billion RMB amount of funds.

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Competition Reviewers
  • Mr. Su Zhonghe

    Mr. Su Zhonghe

    Managing Director, MeFund

    Master of Surgery of Southern Medical University, , Bachelor of Clinical Medicine of Tianjin Medical University. He has ten years of clinical and medical health investment experience in top three hospitals. He has profound clinical medicine background.

  • Mr. Hong Fei

    Mr. Hong Fei

    Invest Director, Healthcare Alpha Management

    Master of Finance, Nanjing University, Bachelor of Clinical Medicine, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As the partner of Century VC, he was responsible for project screening and due diligence of big health field. Previously he worked in Shanghai Holley Capital, Sinochem Group Jiangsu Branch and Pfizer. He was responsible for pharmaceutical and medical industry.

  • Mr. Kuang Shaolong

    Mr. Kuang Shaolong

    Associate Professor, Institute of Robotics and Microsystems, Suzhou University

    Ph.D., Institute of Robotics, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, member of China Medical Robot Standardization Committee , member of IEEE, member of China Medical Robot Clinical and Engineering Society. His research direction is medical robots and intelligent medical equipment. Since 2006, he is engaged in surgical robot and human-robot interactive research and development. He developed HybriDot robot for orthopedic surgery in Orthopedics and Trauma Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has presided over and participated in the National Natural Science Foundation, the national 863 projects, and more than 10 research projects. He has published more than 20 papers, applied for and been authorized more than 10 patents, as well as an international invention patent.

  • Mr. Yin Weihai

    Mr. Yin Weihai

    Associate director of Med-X Research Institute

    Associate director of Med-X Research Institute, Professor of biomedical engineering college, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Researcher of China Institute of Urban Governance. He was PI of neuroscience field in UCSF from 2002 to 2008. He has published more than 80 papers in PNAS and other international scientific journals, which have been cited more than 4300 times. As a guest editor, editor of three SCI magazine (IF> 3.5) album. After returning to China, he acted as PI in "973" project sub-topics, Shanghai Global Innovation Center project, the National Natural Science Foundation, Pujiang Talent Planning and a series of funds. He served as the "973" fund reviewer, the National Natural Science Fund reviewer, the American Heart Association Fund reviewer.

  • Ms. Zhang Min

    Ms. Zhang Min

    Managing Director, PreIPO

    Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business MBA. Served in the Swiss listed companies, brokerage investment banking department, she has a wealth of business management, equity investment and M & A investment experience. She is now responsible for management and investment of medical funds, education funds of PreIPO. She is focusing on medical, education, consumption fields.

  • Mr. Zhuang Wei

    Mr. Zhuang Wei

    Director of technology transfer department, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute

    Doctor, associate researcher, master tutor. Graduated from College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University. He served as the teacher of "college chemistry experiment", the secretary of college Communist Youth League, deputy secretary of Nanjing University Communist Youth League, vice president of Changzhou high-tech research institute, Nanjing University, business director of technology transfer department, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute. With long term engaged in applied research, incubator management, technology transfer, he has accumulated a wealth of scientific research management, science and technology project incubation, start-up business operation experience.