Jiangsu Medtech Innovation Hub

Approved by Jiangsu Province Science & Technology Department, Jiangsu Medtech Innovation Hub was inaugurated in June, 2015. Besides Jiangsu Province Science & Technology Department, the Innovation Hub is also supported by Suzhou City Government and Suzhou New District Administrative Committee.

The development of the Innovation Hub is a major part of the innovation-driven strategy of Jiangsu Province to Focus One Industry in One Park. It is also an important way to upgrade Jiangsu Med-park, which has been the key platform of SND to develop medical device industry. As a result, more policies will be following up and applied to the Innovation Hub. And more resources will be concentrated. The Innovation Hub is expected to be a source of new technologies, be a place where innovation is active and professional services are available.

Supported by different level of government, the Innovation Hub will bring in more technology innovation teams oriented by market demand. Within the hub, one can easily get access to efficient resources which will benefit technology innovation. Besides, the professional services of the Innovation Hub will help shorten the process of commercialization. There is no doubt the Innovation Hub will improve the technology innovation efficiency and develop to be anideal place for medtech industry in Jiangsu Province.