Roadshow Projects (CMP2017)

1. Easyfor- Dental implants from italy(Italy)

2. Novel aqueous formulation composed of approved component for the non-surgical removeal of benign and pre-cancerous skin lesions(Israel)

3. Continuous monitoring system for urine flow(Israel)

4. Breaking dialysise treatment for primary tumor(USA)

5. A wearable monitoring system for dynamic signs in pregnancy(China)

6. Everflow lung dialysis for COPD(USA)

7. Implantable, programmable pump for the targeted and sustained delivery of drugs(USA)

8. Amigo® Remote Catheter System (RCS)(USA)

9. VIVO™ View Into Ventricular Onset – Non-Invasive 3D Mapping System(USA)

10. Application of Plant Extract Protein Gel in Difficult Healing Wounds(China)

11. Veraz Hospital Sensing Monitoring System(UK)

12. Devices for the diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s disease(UK)

13. Diagnostics tool for precision radiotherapy(USA)

14. DNA extraction and POCT to test STI and UTI(UK)

15. CBV- 1. Skin tightening, 2. a new generation of meganatic technology, POCT Hyperfibrinolysis diagnostics, 3. New innovative wound healing, 4. Surgical mesh product(USA)

16. CBV- 5. Patch to treat Tinnintus, 6. CBV Dermal Delivery, 7. Urinary prosthesis device(USA)

17. Systemic immunoassy platform with high throughput(China)

18. Quantitative cone-beam CT with multiple-degree of freedom in image-guided precision radiotherapy(China)

19. Intelligent manufacturing of tissue engineering of the skin and organs(China)

20. A comprehensive solution for hand and foot products(China)